121 Days Till Summer

Have you ever thought of yourself as your perfect body? Not the image of someone else (cough, Jamie Eason) but a mental image of yourself the way you want to look. Give it a shot sometime. It’s harder than you think.

Part of the reason we sabotage our own fitness goals is because we don’t truly believe we can be that way. What I want you to do today is to get rid of that ridiculous notion and spend 5 minutes imagine what your most healthy self would look like. Seeing it in your head is the first step to seeing it in real life.


124 Days Till Summer

Do’s and Don’ts of the gym.

Do go all out every workout.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Do beat your own records.

Don’t try to show off. (It never ends well)

Do Hydrate.

Don’t do a ton of cardio right after a big meal.

Do eat/drink protein after the workout.

Don’t forget your towel.

Do track your progress.

Don’t forget to breathe.

Do Breathe.

Did I mention breathe?

Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!

128 Days Left Till Summer

Figured out what hold you back? Great, now I want you to think about what the opposite of whatever it is. Too tired, you’ll be thinking about what it is like feel refreshed and pumped up. Time constraints, think about having the free time to take care of yourself in the best way. Afraid of people at the gym, think about having the gym be mostly empty while you are there. Now, these things can and will

Now, these things can and will exists. You may have to rearrange some things, but you can have all of these things. Ask your local gym owner when high traffic times are. Workout at a different time of the day. Ever try working out in the morning?  As for finding time, you can solve this a variety of ways. Figure out something that you can limit (tv time, phone time, ect.) or try waking up 20 minutes earlier. I know it sounds crazy but waking up earlier will give you time to really prepare for the day and you’ll feel better for it.

My point is that if you can find the problem you can then begin to find the answer to that problem. It may not be an answer you are super excited about, but it is an answer. An answer to help you accomplish your goals. How bad do you want it?

129 Days Left Till Summer

What’s the one thing that most often keeps you from going to the gym or working out in general? Are you too tired, not sure what to do, afraid of being in the gym because of well… people? These are all super valid in their own ways. Part of completing this challenge is to overcome your own weaknesses both physically and mentally. Step one is Identifying what you struggle with. So take some time to really reflect on what you struggle with. Write it down, and tomorrow we will go over what you can do to overcome what it is.